Tile Restoration

In our 40+ years in the cleaning business, we have learned that the most difficult and expensive cleaning problems are typically the floors.  At Kleenco, we are experts at cleaning every type of floor, but some floors just can’t be cleaned.  They need to be restored.  That’s why we formed Tile & Grout Solutions, LLC – to restore floors.

Eco-Friendly Solutions

Every floor has its own history and personality.  We have the experience to first identify the problem before we craft a solution.  In some situations, we can restore a floor simply by removing the many coats of wax or other synthetic sealers that have been applied over the years.  Once removed, the tiles will look like new.

Exclusive Licensed Products

To restore ceramic tile and grout, we offer the SaniGLAZE Process.  Tile & Grout Solutions, LLC operates the exclusive SaniGLAZE license in Hawaii.  This is most often used to restore bathrooms walls and floors.  Click here to learn more about SaniGLAZE.

Hawaii’s Exclusive Provider

Saniglaze_logo_400px[1]Kleenco Group is pleased to be the exclusive provider of the SaniGLAZE process in Hawaii through its subsidiary Tile & Grout Solutions, LLC.  SaniGLAZE is a ceramic tile and grout restoration process that returns your dirty and contaminated tile and grout to a “like new” condition without the cost and inconvenience of demolition and installation of a new floor.

Kill Odor Causing Bacteria

Did you know that persistent odors in a bathroom typically come from bacteria trapped in the porous grout?  That discoloration isn’t just a stain, and even the most thorough cleaning won’t prevent the bacteria, discoloration, and odors from returning.  Only SaniGLAZE seals the pores in your tile and grout, preventing growth of mold, mildew, and other bacteria.

The SaniGLAZE process involves a few key steps:

  1. Your existing floor is deep cleaned with specially engineered products that will open the pores in your grout. 
  2. A new layer of proprietary grout specially engineered to bond to your existing grout is applied.  We offer a wide selection of grout colors to match your original grout – or we can give you an updated look by changing the grout color.
  3. The floor is then coated with the SaniGLAZE Protective  Shield, which prevents bacteria and other microbial contaminants from penetrating into the porous surfaces.

Click here to see before & after photos.

With a full color palette, we can match your original grout color.


SaniGlaze Results